My Website Rediected To Suspended Domain

My website is redirecting to the suspended domain but I didn’t do anything that causes my account to be suspended.

I’m facing the same issue

Your domain works fine to me, consider to flush your dns cache.


working for me too

btw be careful with those guys at .ml they have a habit of suspending your domain, deleteing your account and then registering it for themselves asking you to pay 1000’s $ to get your domain name back

It happened to me and then I checked on google about them, some real horror stories

Who? Howcan they access and delete your site account without knowing your password?

no i mean they delete your account you registered with .ml domain name provider which takes you to , these guys are real a-holes

Did you check to see if any of these reasons apply to your domain?


Hello, I have a problem my account was suspended for abuse and I don’t know why?

Hi, @Jhonathan
If you check the client area (infinityfree dashboard), you can see the reason why it’s suspended.
It may be because of you hitting daily limits or something else. If it’s about hitting daily limits, you should wait 24hours.
If you want to know the exacly hours left of the suspended domain, you can check the dashboard.

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I don’t have plugins that increase cpu consumption and my account was blocked.

Send a support ticket?


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