My Website only shows blank page


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Blank pages when accessing website

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I already uploaded my file in htdocs and already connected the database with sql and after waiting for a day it still not showing anything, does anyone can help thanks!

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When I check your site, with the Network tab in the Developer Tools in my browser open, I see the page responds with a status code of 500. That usually means your PHP code crashed.

Please see this article for information on how to start troubleshooting this:


Hi thank you for the respond, hmm i’m not sure what cause it tho because the website ran perfectly on local server… does file placement matter? i zip the entire folder on htdocs and unzip them 1 by 1…

Before diving into what caused the issue, don’t you agree that it’s better to start by investigating what the issue actually is, and maybe try fixing the issue? I think that’s more useful than speculating on how to prevent an issue we know nothing about except that it’s not working.

Yes, it does, but it’s one of about a million different things that matter when it comes to making PHP run successfully. So let’s do some digging first.


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