My website not working

I changed my domain from to but now website shows only home pages. When i open link of any blog post my website shows no result. Here is my website link:
Check the website link and tell me it’s solution.

This is what I see…

You need to modify all links to the new domain (from to


Thanks for replying. Can you tell how to modify links?

I assume you are using WordPress.
These links should help… (remember to backup database first)

Change domain from to at the same time and upload the modified database


i followed some of your steps and after pressing “go” in exporting table i got such results. here is screenshot of file. what next to do? i could not understand what next to do?

What results? Any error?
Is your current WP prefix wpfw?


I am saying i followed steps you mentioned in first paragraph. When i reached to go to export table step then that’s file appeared to screen. I sent you screenshot of file to know what next to do. I could not understand what next to do. Tell me what to do next. Am i going right?

I’m not sure, but if you’re lucky, then all you need to do is this:


Keep a copy of this file as backup. You will then need to modify the contents of the sql file by changing
the domain name using textpad++ or notepad++


Save it

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