My website not secure?

My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is: This website is not secure

I’m using this software: Cloudflare SSL / TLS, Infinityfree, Firefox on Pc, Google Chrome on android phone

Additional information:
On my Google Chrome on Android Phone Doogee S80, Cloudflare SSL is okay, but TLS… My website is encrypted but sometimes my website has other programs that’s not secure. (I expect chat) all other pages on my site is secured. Why not first page?

What should I do now?

for me it sometimes say it’s not fully secure, sometimes says it’s secure. you mean this?

It has never happened before. It is not that doing it.
It is my comment box that doing it unsecured.
My comment box provider url
Why is it unsecured? This is new for me.

For me it also has mixed content. Make sure your contents are fully served with HTTPS, or remove them if they aren’t served with HTTPS, but they have only HTTP connection to the contents’ server.

I have changed it now, but without any luck.
Is there any other commend box provider i can trust?

Disqus is a comment box provider that supports HTTPS websites without impacting the security of them.

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thanks for the fast answer.
I will try it now

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Is Disqus a joke ?
It is to hard for me to handle it :sweat_smile:
Is there another comment box provider that is easier to use? :joy:

In my experience Disqus isn’t that hard to use. I looked at your website then and it looks like your comment box is loading an image over HTTP. This seems to be caused by it trying to load images from Gravatar.


I tested Disqus and then deleted the code because it was hard to use for me. I don’t really have any experience in coding. I do know how to code HTML and CSS and how to embed comment box videos etc. is easy to use. I want it simple when I have not experience in coding.

If you want to use it, disable Gravatar from the options, as it might load unsecure images.

Now I know where the problem is.
I had logged in as a moderator and responded to a comment. There was then an Avatar that caused the page to become insecure according to TLS 1.3.
Now I know that I should not respond to the comments as a moderator.
I learned something new again.
Thank you my friends for your help. Without you, I would lose my mind. I feel like an idiot when the problem was right in front of my eyes.

Good night from Finland

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