My website not responding

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This site can’t be reached took too long to respond.


Checking the connection


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kindly help me fixing this ASAP I’m not a developer so guide me…

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Their servers blew up. Now even CPanel is dead.

Kinda sucks, that their paying customers suffer, too.

CPanel is back.

Can you please provide the IP of your account? It can be found in the client area.

@Looneycorn, Premium members are on different servers, and are not affected by this. Additionally, it is most likely maintenance that brought down the IP, not an explosion.

So this person in particular got a top-level for a free host. I don’t judge.

And ofc it hasn’t been a literal explosion, maybe just something in their backbone that fucked up.

Several hours maintenance without even sending a mail or notification to users affected seems a bit illogical to me, tbf.

So I can’t fix this… I’ve to wait right ?

Yes, nothing you could do on your end. It’s in the hands of the server people. You just have to wait for stuff to magically work again.

Domains are cheaper than hosting, and many people here have custom domains.

Also, please watch the language.

It’s a free service, and it’s not InfinityFree’s fault. Most of iFastNet’s emails get automatically marked as spam anyway, so it wouldn’t do any good.

@Jay392, it’s not your fault, and should hopefully be fixed soon.

I don’t say it’s anybody’s fault. I just said, that it - to me, personally - seems illogical.

And it wouldn’t even be out of the ordinary for hosts to have their backbones and servers fail at random points. No complaints here.

And pardon my language, Discord turned me into a savage.

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same message for us

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