My website not loads after suspended

I have this my website after suspension of the website from infinity free and then after 24hrs I got mail that my account is reactivated but still my website is not loading and shows fully blank or offline
please help me regarding this, please fast

The website is loading for me, but it is showing as usual bodis advertisements that iFastnet shows up in their dns records.
If this website is loaded and added in your cPanel, all you can do is to wait for some time.

ok if any thing more then please tell that also

No there is a process called DNS propogation that causes this. Can you tell me exactly when did you get your website reactivated again?

my website reactivated just 30min ago now

Yeah 30 minutes is a short time. You need to wait more. My accounts once got updated after 2 hours. It’s actually more than 24 hours suspension xD

ohhk sure

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Let us know if we can help you further!


sure bro sure

Can you please check whatever your domain is added to your account or not? If it is then try to readd that domain.

He must have checked?

I guess it’s ignored?

Probably xD

bro i have checked my full cpanel and is not have changed anything like before suspended and after suspended

You need to manually change the nameservers of your domain into and since your domain still have the


After that, you will need to add the domain as an addon domain to your account or control panel.

I said it could ruin DNS of your domain, you should remove and then add it back and then wait up to 72 hours.

bro where to check to this nameservers alternatively by our domain provider pls tell which is site where to see them

I used whois tool to check the nameservers of your domain, but you can just edit the nameservers by editing it through your domain provider.

@Tejas1020 it depends on your domain provider but usually, every domain provider let you configure nameservers. You can notice it on something “DNS records”, “DNS settings”. Then, after that, setup these:

Nameserver 1 :
Nameserver 2 :

After that, delete all other nameserver records as you won’t needed it.

I hope this may helps :slightly_smiling_face:

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