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I uploaded a simple website with a single image and it is not showing. It seems someone else uploaded their website on my domain. I have checked with the domain manager and they say I own the domain but it seems someone else uploaded their website and it is not recognizing my files.

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This is what I see


Remove domain from hosting account then add it in again.
Then move your website file from /htdocs to


I have already deactivated once. I can do it again. Do I just press this deactivate button or do I have to go to the control panel before and do what? Also, did I not put the index file in the reight location? How should I do it?

Did you do this?


.dev, .app, and other Google-owned TLDs require that you have a valid SSL/TLS certificate on your site.


Deactivating the entire account doesn’t help, you need to actually remove the domain from the account and add it again. You can find this option in the Addon Domains menu in the Control Panel.


Thank you. I will do that and let you know if it worked.

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