My website keeps showing 403 Forbidden after a while

my site lol

After opening my site and leave it for a few mins, the site will show me the 403 Forbidden page. any ideas how to fix it? I’m totally new to this. The only ideas I have in mind as to why is this is because I have vscode open in the background that has my html file open or maybe because of the recent updates I made in my site like adding new files, placing images in site and such.

any help is appreciated

In your web page, you’ve added the following line:

<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="7; url=''" />

This line means that after 7 seconds, the page redirects to the URL And due to how relative URLs work, browsers will redirect you to, and that URL returns a 403 error.

If you want to redirect people to your Facebook page after 7 seconds, you will want to specify the full URL to your Facebook page, presumably

And if you don’t want to redirect people automatically at all, you should just remove that line entirely.


oh, I see

thank you admin!

asking one final question here, I’ve removed the <meta> lines in my document and it still refreshes after 7 seconds

doesn’t it update automatically after editing the document? should I wait after a while for it to return back to normal?

Please try clearing your browser’s cache.


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