My website keeps getting error 522

My website has been getting error 522 after the upgrade to ssds. Most of the time the site works just fine, but occasionally it for some reason wont load and gives error 522. Usually after I refresh the page the website loads.

Can you give more information like providing:

  1. Domain name / Website
  2. ScreenShot of the Error

So that we can help you easily… :slightly_smiling_face:

The website is The error only occurs occasionally so it would be hard to get a screenshot of it.

I was redirected to suspended.Org
Is it really error 522

Now, i can confirmed that there was 5xx type errors:

Error 521Ray ID: 5ad66bf75ee50a2c • 2020-07-04 05:24:45 UTC

Web server is down

Maybe you did a wrong configuration of your CloudFlare that’s why its facing some 5xx errors.

And right now, your domain was suspended.

Does your hosting account get suspended? If not, try to remove the domain from Addon domain and add it back.

Sometimes a domain is redirected to if it is either;

a, Not assiged to a hosting account.
b, Account suspended (As above says)

Make sure it is added in addon domains, or check if your account is suspended :slight_smile:

I did see a 520 error from Cloudflare checking your website once. But then I bypassed Cloudflare and was able to reload your site a dozen times without any issues. So I don’t know why this happens.

This steps may help you know if its wrong configuration of Cloudflare:

  1. First, the try to disable the SSL. You can select “OFF” in CloudFlare. Observe your site and the existence of the 5xx error.
  2. Then, if it works, then try to set SSL to “Flexible”. Observe your site and the existence of error.

The range of possibilites of occuring 5xx error are very wide. It maybe a SSL problem, caching problem, connection problems, mixed nameservers, etc.

The best trick to know whats the reason is to take note every error happening, take note the time it happen and take note the error’s frequency. If the type of errors are the same, you can know now the reason and can debug it.


The error seems to be most common when running php scripts.

I believe it’s the security system that may be causing this issue, but I’m not 100% sure.

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