My website just stopped working

So 24 hours ago, I could access the website in my region, and in neither other region(tested with VPN), and now, after I waited 24h for the propagation, it doesn’t work even in my region! I know it may be from the freenom, but they don’t offer support for this… Do you know any other sites that offer free domains?

Umm your NS Hasn’t propogated properly yet…

Found with the help of

So wait for a while and try again…

Or consider using

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“Do you know any other sites that offer free domains?”
Yes, InfinityFree offers free subdomains. There is a place called, you may want to check that out or InfinityFree.

It looks like your domain name is pointing to our nameservers, but our nameservers don’t return any DNS records for your domain. This happens occasionally unfortunately, we’re not quite sure yet what causes it.

Did you try using our Cloudflare integration on your domain before? If so, please try re-enabling it and disabling it again afterwards. This should force your DNS records to be updated.


I will try now.

Just hosted using cloudflare nameservers, they are fast af. as in 1 minute I got my domain up and running worldwide. :smiley:

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