My website just says "Let's Make Something Awesome"

My website is here but it doesn’t actually use my code. i put my code in index.html in file manager. It never updates. it should look like this:

but it doesnt look that way. I dont understand what happened. Can someone please answer this if you know how.

I couldnt put this picture in the original post becuase I am a “new user” and new users can’t put in 2 pictures. That picture is what is isnt supposed to look like, but it does.

Your website works fine:

Try using control+f5 to refresh your browsers cache or use incognito mode.


oh i didnt know it worked for other people. It isnt working for me. I cleared my “Cached images and files”(im on chromebook and sry for spelling) and refreshed the tab. Still didnt work.

What do you mean [quote=“HaydenANG, post:4, topic:37956”]
We can’t do this, .

When you said ‘Remember to mark your answer as solved’, i see you’ve deleted it so I shall edit my post

ohhhh ok. i deleted cuz i relized that I have to mark it as an answer.

Well what do you think i should do. The clearing cache didnt work.

oh never mind. I just tried clearing the cache again and then it started working.

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