My Website isn't working


My name on infinity free is epiz_32178013 and my URL for my domain is dirieahmed. ml
I am not receiving any error message, my issue is that when I have uploaded my files i.e Index.html, Style.css and Script.Js which have all been added to my index meaning all referenced (href and src). However, my website (its been about 24 hours) isn’t having and of the style.css and script.js working. My website should have a dropdown where the About Me and the other two exist and it will show my content, but that isn’t there and my dummy text is just showing anyway, nor is the about me the correct size and more. How do I fix this, yes I have uploaded it again 5 times and and this 5th has been 24 hours.

ill be here if you need any more info


Your website is working fine for me. Normally, I would add in some screenhsots/video to prove it, but the language on your site is not really something that should be published to a public online form.

Try clearing your cache.


im so sorry for the uhh language its just some random dummy text that I made up

aight lemme see and ill let u know

There is not really any rules about what language you can use on your site, but there are rules about what can be used on this forum.

I am assuming you got it working?


no not yet

hmm i did it its not working should i wait the 72 hours then post again

Try using a different device, network, or an incognito tab. If none of those work, I would wait the 72 hours and see what happens


incognito doesnt work

and different device + network dont work

working for me also, all 3 drop down dummy text is working too

maybe try installing another web browser ? im using firefox and not having any issues