My WebSite isn't Working!


Error Message

SGExceptionNotFound: ZLib extension is not loaded.

I get this error directly when i open the website and i can’t access wp-admin, and when i try to enter Softaculous App Installer i get the message “Something went wrong, please allow 20 minutes then retry”, i am facing this issus for few days now, please help!


Yes as i saw here seems like many websites having this issus, i will wait and see.

can you help me to install wp manually? i am getting stuck everytime. there is no scope for create new sql database we need to purchase their upgradable version if we want to create individual database. so, without creating mysql username and password it is unable to install wp manually. if you know any other way please let me know. i need to badly install wp. Thanks, hoping to hear from you.

Wait what? No, you will not need to purchase or upgrade to premium hosting to have a database, you can create a database up to 400.

I want to know where did you get the stuck? What’s the error message?


It looks like everyone on InfinityFree is encountering this issue. I think this is very common, or that’s what my friend told me when he used InfinityFree about a couple months ago.

iFastNet upgraded PHP 7 on the free hosting platform to 7.4.8. It’s the newest stable version of PHP.

Regarding any questions about Softaculous, it’s currently down. We have to wait for Admin to take care of the issue.

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