My website isn't responding

This site can’t be reached

Hey there! The website has been working like a charm. Haven’t added any plugin or something. I just exported the database and the HTDoc files for backup purposes. Since then the website is unable to give any response back. I’m able to access the website through VPN but It takes 10-15 minutes to just load the homepage. Unable to open any other page. As soon as I do It pops up with Gateway error issue. Can anyone check the website? And also suggest me some fixes? Since I’ve not done anything


This is likely a result of the issues mentioned here:

One of the nameservers is being unreliable which is likely why your site is unresponsive too. You could switch your nameservers to and instead of, but note that it can take a day or two for those changes to take effect (and we hope to have everything back up sooner than that).

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