My website is working fine on laptop and desktops but not on phones

above is the website I have created and uploaded to my infinityfree hosting at first it seemed smooth on desktop but when I wanted to show my website to client I first wanted to confirm it is responsive on mobiles so I opened the web on my mobile, guess what it showed me nothing on the website as the domain isn’t even bought like.


Based on what you described, I think this may be the answer:

Personally, I can see your website, and if the issue persists, you may want to try clearing your cache.

Please let me know if you have any questions!

I love the navigation bar animation/stickiness thing you have going on there, great job!


This certainly does sound like a DNS issue. If you’re using WiFi, you can try configuring the DNS manually for your device to something like Cisco Umbrella - and Or, you could just try disconnecting from WiFi and using mobile data. If issues persist, try also an incognito/private tab from your mobile browser to rule out a local cache problem.

Thank you everyone for your time, my issue has been resolved.

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