My website is unreachable

Website URL:-

Error Message:-

The site can’t be reached refused to connect.
**Check the connection **

Other Information:-

After I’d done the website ,I waited for 3 Days.
But the Website Doesn’t appear… Then I tried to change my DNS to and fortunately the website opens
The real problem is I made a manga website to be local website… if it isn’t open locally… there is no means of the website !!!

System Issues
Hosting Support

It is loading perfectly fine for me. Most likely, it was just an issue with your computer.


But it’s not loading for my friend in Morocco or Saudi Arabia and of course not here in Egypt. Because I tried from another phone !!

No issue here


Hosting dns seems to be having issue at the moment.


I have exactly the same issue. I created my website yesterday and still is unreachable… and I just uploaded SMF forum…

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So, you can solve the problem??
Cause we already translated 7 chapter and we need to upload them !!
If you could solve the problem today ,it would be helpful :slightly_smiling_face:

Do you have any Antivirus solutions or VPNs installed? seems to already be flagged by my AV (Bitdefender), and a lot others

When I opens it Bitdefender pop ups a lot of alerts telling me it’s a malware site(and closed the connection), so it might be your AV or VPN modifying your results

A VirusTotal scan shows that a lot of AVs have been blocking your site

I see that you tried and your website loaded up, so it means that your local DNS is either unable to resolve the site or has simply blocked it.

my suggestion is that to use a custom domain to avoid the consequences with free subdomains.
You can use a service like for a custom domain.
(While is a free subdomain, it is on the “Public Domain Suffix” List, so it’s less likely to be flagged by AVs)


Yes this happens with my domain and Avast… and shows this instead of my htdocs folder…

So, you say that is the problem and you suggest another subdomain??
Actually the Internet in Egypt is so weird…
Cause the internet provider is the only provider in Egypt that blocked
The others provider Like Vodafone or Etisalat and Orange…
Accept the domain… so I’m really not sure if the problem with the dns of hosting or provider’s one !!!

Well, yeah I will make a website with domain and try it without google’s dns and post the results here to help anyone search for the same problem

In the end, I’m sorry for If you all didn’t understand some words of sentence of my English, because I’m not a native one.

Domain names can take up to 72 hours to be visible everywhere. If you created it yesterday, those 72 hours have not passed yet. So this is probably perfectly normal.

Please see this article for details and workarounds:


Yeah, sorry, I thought the 72 hours was just when adding new DNS addresses, thank you, my hosting is working now.

You’re correct on it being related to DNS. But if you add a new domain to an existing account, that also requires us to setup the appropriate DNS records in our nameservers. And any DNS change, including setting up DNS records, is affected by DNS cache.


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