My website is too slow

Please @admin help me my website is very slow and sometimes it doesn’t work without vpn

Your site loaded in less than a minute for me. Please try clearing your cache. Also, it looks like you have some missing content as well.


Start by fixing the errors that your site is throwing in the developer console.
You have mixed content (files using HTTP instead of HTTPS) that is being blocked and scripts that are failing to load.


Ah ok Thank you guys
But one more question
My website logo isn’t showing as well as the main page isn’t showing a picture it’s showing an icon of pic

If you look at the screenshot I posted in my previous comment, there were 2 images that weren’t loaded because they were using the http protocol instead of https.
If you fix those URLs to start with https://, the images should load without problems.

I don’t know much about Wordpress but everybody here usually recommends using the “Really Simple SSL” Wordpress plugin to fix problems with mixed content.


Yes Thank you very much :heart:

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