My website is suspended

I would like to know if it is possible to gain access just for a little while because it is very urgent )):
If not, is there any other way aside from waiting for 24 hours?

Also I don’t exactly know why or how I hit my CPU limits. Is it related to my activities outside of the website?

No there is not, there’s not other choices but to wait.

In the Client Area there should be a knowledge base article link attached for you to read to learn more about your suspension and how your site has utilized 100% of your CPU usage.


Upgrading your website to premium hosting can be completed sooner than that, and iFastNet can import your website from the suspended account.

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is there a way to prevent this from happening instead?

Reduce the CPU/EP/MySQL/whatever usage of your website or upgrade your account. Those are you options, and are what we write everywhere.


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