My website is suspended

*My website URL is:

**What I’m seeing is:)

I’m using this software:

Additional information: my website was suspended yesterday and activated today.I want to know the reason and now it is showing scheduled for maintenanace

You may need to remove with the File Manager on the htdocs folder the .maintenance file.

thank you very much for faster reply.
Can I know the reason for my website suspension
Till now it has suspended three times

Maybe because you exceeded one of our Daily Limits. I don’t know which one did you exceed, but did you at least check the Client Area for the reasons of suspension?

It was not suspended. It was down because either Wordpress or you were updating a plugin or wordpress version. And since you somehow did not let the process complete, the .maintanence file did not automatically get deleted. Hence the message.

It is Wordpress, not the server.

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thank you

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