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The URL of my site is
On or around 8 Augusr 2023 I was uploading some files but something went wrong with the connection and the upload could not be completed. THen, on or around 9 August, I noticed that my account has been suspended. No reason was given, just a list of possible reasons, but I don’t know which one is the applicable one. I submitted support ticket #864511 to ask the reason for the suspension so I could rectify the problem. Since then, instead of a reply, I just keep getting what appears to be non-human generated messages saying the same thing each time - that the ticket status was changed to pending with a new date, but no substantive reply to help me deal with the suspension. Each time the following line is appended to the message: "
Please do reply to this ticket if you have any further queries and we will happily assist." I keep replying, but get nothing but the same advice about the ticket status having been changed to pending. Please, can I get a reply to this from a real humman so I can do something about the reason for the suspension before it is too late and, hopefully, getting the suspension lifted?


They were having some server issues and were probably busy fixing stuff. Usually when outages happen, the support team gets overwhelmed with tickets and it creates a backlog. I tried your URL and I see that it is suspended. Here is a FAQ about why this happens:

Usually, this is a result of:

  • Inactivity (no visits to your site)
  • Over usage of resources: on a free site you are limited to how much server resources you can use. Check these FAQs for some info:

With all technical issues (and dealing with support from ANY company) the key is: “persistence and patience”. If you start swearing at them or sending hundreds of angry emails they will probably ignore you. It’s not worth it for any company to deal with irate customers that take up all their resources.

Go through the legitimate channels. Ask your question, and then be patient while they respond. If you were paying for hosting and there was a problem then you would have the right to be demanding and ask why they aren’t delivering the services you paid for. But, free hosting is FREE. You pay nothing for it. One of the downsides to this is that you should have no expectation of instant responses and immediate attention. You aren’t paying for anything. It’s 100% free. That means that problems get solved in the order they come in and at a pace that the company can manage.

If you need 100% uptime – you should look into buying a premium hosting package. That will entitle you to fast support and Quality of Service (QOS) expectations. Sometimes free stuff goes down. But, they fix it, and life goes on. Getting angry at support won’t resolve your issue.

I had a web site that was suspended once too. I had installed an RSS feed reader and subscribed to a bunch of hacker and security sites. Some of those sites talked about “keyloggers”. InfinityFree has a strict policy about hosting hacking stuff on their free servers. So, my account was flagged for suspension. I reached out to support. They eventually got back to me and told me why my site was suspended. I removed the offending material and told them it was fixed. They reinstated my account and everything was fine again.

If your site got suspended – it was for a specific reason. Just be persistent and patient and you will eventually be able to figure out what went wrong and try to fix it. But, you have to remember that this service is costing you nothing. It’s 100% free. So you have to adjust your expectations accordingly. If you want premium support you have to pay for premium hosting.


Not exactly, and all the articles you linked below that are not relevant here. The OP was able to create a support ticket, which means that the account is permanently suspended. It’s not a recourse limit getting hit (If the suspension was due to multiple resource limits getting hit, which is possible, the articles are relevant, but the account won’t be reactivated as outlined in them).

@Moongazer1 - there were a few large-scale outages recently, so the support desk probably has a huge backload of tickets to get through, and it’s possible they just dismissed yours thinking it was related to the outage. Try waiting a day or two, then submit a new ticket / bump the old one.


Good to know this. Thanks for the post.


In some cases of severe abuse, support may choose to not provide additional information, reactivate an account or provide backups. Sometimes, bumping the ticket later can help to get request getting re-evaluated which may result in a more favorable outcome.

But from what I can see from my end, it seems unlikely you’re going to get a different outcome.


Can you please tell me:
(1) What does bumping mean, and how do I do it?
(2) Does this mean that you won’t even tell me why my account has been suspended? Or what I can do to get it reinstated?
I don’t believe I have abused anything. If I did, it was totally unintentional and without being aware of having done anything wrong.
(3) Can I at least get my files back? FTP has also been disabled, so I can’t retrieve them at the moment.

Bumping = Creating a lot of same tickets, one per few hours.

No. Your account has been suspended because you probably break the ToS — that’s why we say

Bump the tickets, that’s all you can do.
Even if the support group didn’t want to reactivate your account, they’re still happy to give your files back most of the time.


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