My website is still showing the welcome page

I have a website here (it is going to be an adoptables website). I deleted the default index.html file and replaced it with my own, but it still shows the welcome page when I go to the URL. I also added a file called adopt.php, but it does the same thing.

I read the “Why do I see the default welcome page?” article, but it did not help.

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Please clear your browser cache by pressing a few times Ctrl+F5 while visiting your website. If that doesn’t work (because some browsers are stubborn) then follow this:


Hmm. I tried, but it still did not work. I also attempted to visit the website on two other computers. The Chromebook said the website did not exist, and the desktop showed weird advertisements.

Sounds like DNS cache to me


Well, I don’t know exactly why the website was not working, but it’s working now!

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