My website is on, but


My website is on, but when I make changes on it, it doesn’t apear on time. Do I have to wait some time to validate the change?

Thank you!

Hello there,

Try clearing your browser cache now and check again if your site is now updated.

Also you should clear your browser cache everytime if your site did not reflect to the changes you made since browsers creates a cache of the websites you visit by default in order to make it load faster when you want to visit that certain site again.


When I google it, the changes aren’t validate. When I enter in the website, the changes are validate.

It takes time for Google to crawl your website and detect changes. It will fix itself after sometime.

If you use Google Search Console, ask Google to re-index your site.


Ok. Yondaime-sama.



Otetsudai sa sete itadakimasu senpai!

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