My website is offline

Can you provide a screenshot of your records at cloudflare dashboard?

What do you mean?

Your Cname/A records that you’ve created for your domain.


Cool, Now i can understand why your domain doesn’t work. To get your domain to work:

  1. Create a Cname record named @ with value
  2. Create another Cname record named www with value @.

hope it helps :slight_smile:


same issue

Your site now works fine to me, please note it can take up to 72 hours for your Device DNS cache to update.
you can flush your DNS cache tho.


Still doesn’t work after that aggressive amount of flushing

As i say that, it loads

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Flushing your local DNS cache can help, but doesn’t work in many cases because:

  • The settings haven’t fully passed through the systems of the DNS provider. This can take a few minutes, but I’ve seen it takes over an hour with some providers.
  • There is another DNS cache between your computer and the target nameservers which is serving old data. This is usually the DNS resolver provided by your network administrator or internet provider.

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