My website is not working

My website URL is:

**What I’m seeing is:**dial tcp4> connect: connection timed out

I’m using this software: softaculous- wordpress, chrome, firefox

Additional information:

my website is not working, when i change theme, it does not apply properly i just see text, it looks like theme is broken,no photos nothing, now suddenly it is not loading. actually same thing is happening with my other site which is hosted by infinity free, when ever i update theme or plugin, either it will fail to update or break the website, why?

Make sure you enter DNS correctly namely and and what I see you seem to only enter is is that correct? If true, please add and you cannot enter just one DNS

After that, wait for at most 24-48H or until the landing page appears and your website is ready to use

where should i go and change the dns


You can see in the settings where you bought the domain

I see you are using a domain from freenom, can be seen here:

but in starting it was told to keep name server (, should i change this to []

Actually you don’t need to change it but if you experience problems you can change it to and

And keep in mind, you cannot enter just one DNS such as or but you must enter both

sure, thank you

but can u tell me why there is a issue whenever i update pulgin or theme my website breaks, and update always fails.

Can you explain what plugin you installed? Because there are some plugins that are not suitable and do you install the plugins on WordPress?

i tried elementor update, and i also try to install backwpup, [UpdraftPlus] etc.

no matter what the plugin or themes always update fails for plugin and then it automatically gets updated, but for themes when i change theme like from hestia to any other theme like astra the layout of new theme just show text no images.

I see UpDraftPlus working on my WordPress and never install plugins that function the same because they will experience conflicts with other plugins

But I have not tried the elementor update on my WordPress and maybe I will try whether it will be damaged or not


now i think things are working smoothly, i can update the themes, i just updated hestia seems to work fine.
can i get free ssl from cloudflare, then again i have to change my nameserver to cloudflares will that create issue

Of course, you can use SSL from Cloudflare and of course you have to change the DNS in accordance with what is provided by Cloudflare

Actually there will be no problem with changing DNS to Cloudflare because I also use SSL from Cloudflare

But it should be noted, you must first use DNS from InfinityFree until everything works as it should and in Cloudflare it will later be changed from DNS in the form of server names to A Record in the form of numbers automatically.

okay, thank you
i changed my name server and now i am waiting for my site to get ssl.

Wait until the DNS from InfinityFree works first, You can see my edited post above.

In my place, your website still cannot be loaded

well now my website is loading. it is working fine.

Okay, it does not matter if your place is normal and works well

Please change the nameservers provided by cloudflare and enable SSL from cloudflare settings