My website is not working now!

my website is ulusalkurtulus dat com but it is not working. it is redirect to suspendeddomain what is going on?!?!?!?

This means that your domain is suspended. If you go to accounts on the mainpage and click your account name there should be a tab that shows the reason why your account is suspended.

what? yes it is suspended i check it now. but it says ‘‘50 thousand hit limit in a day’’ but our hit is not even close

Please note that the daily hits doesn’t mean the daily site limits, rather each resource loaded from your website is counted as a “hit”.
For example, if you were to link 5 script files hosted on your website whenever they are loaded they would be counted as five “hits”. AJAX also counts as hits (although it can only be used within the same origin).


Hello, maybe you used your daily cpu usage look at the server stats and get a screenshot

my website ulusalkurtulus dat com direct to ifast why?

This might be a misconfiguration of your domain. Try following the steps to setting up your domain in

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what do you mean? my domains nameservers are okay. couple hours age everything was fine

Might be a hosting problem then, I don’t really know. Admin would have to help you out (Don’t try pinging him it doesn’t work).

No, you’re right, it’s not close. Your hits usage is well over twice the limit.

I also merged your topics. Please don’t create multiple ones about the same issue. Spamming the forum doesn’t absolve you from your visitors spamming our servers.


what do you mean? there is a visitors who have bad intentions? I set the wpstatics plugin to my website so i can see traffic. daily 30-50 visitor only in there for now.

maybe you have too much css/js/images


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This is a common confusion, which is explain in the KB article about the limit:

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I love how every time you might need to upgrade to premium the article gets super commercial saying so.

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