My website is not using my style.css page

I just uploaded my website files, and certain elements are not displaying and it doesn’t appear to be using my css style sheet. I have no error message because it thinks it’s working properly. It’s using the bootstrap CSS, but shouldn’t it also access my style.css if also called within my html document?
Also, Firefox displays my site correctly when viewing from Dreamweaver’s real time preview, Just not after being uploaded to The InfinityFree server.
UPDATE: I closed Firefox and reopened it, and now it works fine. However, I tested it in microsoft edge and the css doesn’t load at all. Just the raw html.

So it’s just Firefox that it’s not displaying properly on. The background image is loaded, but not displaying. LOL. I can even click on it to open image in another tab, and it loads the image. So firefox is getting the image and not displaying it. What do I do?

Try clearing your cache or using a cellular network to test.

The URL returns a 404 error for me (on Firefox). And taking a quick look at your account, there is no style.css file in the main folder of your account. There is a css subdirectory which has a style.css. If you want to use that, please update the CSS URL in your website to css/style.css instead of style.css.

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