My website is not showing

I am Sk Safin Hossain the owner of the site. My site is not showing and not opening the WordPress dashboard currently.

it’s showing that " THE SITE CAN’T BE REACHED"



(Please solve the problem as soon as possible. I have many work on my site )

For some reason the domain appeared to got deleted by the registrar. Please be paitient until Admin fix the problem or move to another subdomain first.


I am the owner and I am not deleted anything.

No, you aren’t.
You don’t own; that’s a free domain provided by InfinityFree to create subdomains to host your site on.
Your site didn’t get deleted (I hope); the domain on which your subdomain digispex exists seems to not be working at the moment.

You can wait for it to be fixed, or as Frank suggested, if you want to see your website immediately, you can create a new subdomain on one of the other domains provided (such as or and move your site there.

You mentioned having WordPress, the process of moving it is documented in their documentation:


There was an issue earlier today where the domain was taken down by Namecheap due to suspected abuse. That issue has been corrected now, and the domain has been reactivated.

Due to DNS caching, it can still take some time for your website to start working again everywhere. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do to speed that up.


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