My website is not showing in google search engine

my website is working fine but when i search my website on i can not found it
how to register it on google engine help me with it.

Try this!

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register your site on Google submits sitemaps and urls

You do not necessarily need some of this stuff. (e.g sitemaps and such, but they help with SEO). The important bit is that you must register at google search console for it to be indexed, and then you must meet certain requirements, and then you may submit a request for indexing into the search engine. But I warn you, it will be a uphill struggle to get page 1. After that, it will be searchable, easiest way to check is by entering site:


I know i has to index it but can’t find dns zone editor on infinity free to copy google verify code
There is no zone editor on infinity c panel
Help me how to do it

This is only available on premium hosting

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any solution on how to index on google ?

To index on google you must register on the Google search console, and add your “property” which is your website. Which page you are indexed in is dependent on SEO, and two main factors : Domain Authority and Page Authority. If you want to index on bing, you must register on bing search console, and same with other search engines

There are other methods which you can use, also check the Knowledge Base. DNS editor isn’t allowed, I suggest you verify via URL since domain isn’t possible. You will have to upload an HTML file then. The other method is via a meta tag.

Uhh, I guess this site violates the ToS of IF. Specifically this one

    Sites must not contain Warez, copyright or other illegal material including links or redirects to copyright material hosted on 3rd party websites / resources. The onus is on you the customer to prove that you own the rights to publish material, not for InfinityFree to prove that you do not. InfinityFree does not allow the propagation or distribution of copyright material, files or warez under any circumstances.

And also this one

You agree to not use the Service to
9. upload, post, email, transmit or otherwise make available any material that is of broadcast / streaming types.

This site contains torrent hashes of Copyrighted movie, I think this site should be banned…


Here’s a proof


also one thing google doesnt not crawl some websites which includes .mf .cf .ga because some of those domain are uses for spams because its free of charges everyones can use it u should create Robot.txt and add your site in google search console add google analyses or google tag managers it will help your page to give a good grade
also upload sitemaps and wait for 1-2 weeks it will appear on google


actually it can be indexed faster than that.

Connect your website to Cloudflare DNS and then you can add DNS records to it. I also use this method personally.


Thanks for reporting this website, Can you forward this to [email protected] so that Administrator could check?


I’ve created my free site on Infinity (
I created another domain name on Freenom (
On Freenom, I pointed to the Infinity name servers (,
In my Infinity control panel, I created a ‘parked’ domain ( and ‘parked’ onto (
I have created a Google Search Console, and verified that I own the domain ( by using ALL of the methods (HTML file, HTML tag, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager), EXCEPT for the Domain Name Provider, because this requires a text record verification.
I can not see how I can verify my Domain name in the ‘CNAME Records’ section.

However, my Google search console still shows 0 Clicks, 0 Impressions and still does not appear in any search results.

What do I need to do in order for my website to show up in search results and for my Google Analytics to register any activity?

Pray to the Googley gods that they will index your site and add it to the results?

You can’t force Google to check your site. Google determines which results are shown in Google search. If they don’t show your site, then they don’t show your site. For new sites with little traffic, this can take a few weeks.

I remember running some tests a long time ago and I found that .tk sites were heavily penalized in Google search results. Not sure whether they still do that and whether they do that with the newer Freenom extensions too.

If you are checking for your site, be sure to put a hard filter on your site. So query for, not vixen racing or another fuzzy query.

Just open the site yourself and check the Google Analytics dashboard. If you implemented the code correctly, you should see your own session in the live traffic viewer. If you don’t, then you probably didn’t implement Google Analytics correctly. Or something is blocking it.


lol, Googley gods :smile:

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