My website is "not secure". How do I resolve?

I am getting this message, and so some servers block.

URL is - thanks!

You need to install a SSL certificate for your domain on either our servers or using Cloudflare with either the cPanel integration or

Thanks. Where is the best place to obtain an SSL certificate? I tried to get one for the domain but struggled but the verification process.

Here’s A Tutorial For Obtaining A Free SSL Certificate By @Ergastolator1 :


Actually How Much Time Is The SSL Propagation Time Exactly?

At least a hour to up to 24 hours.

OK I have routed the domain through Cloudshare. Currently it is saying “Error Too Many Redirects” when I type in my URL when I try to open it. Do I have to delete or add something?

OK sorted using Really Simple SSL on WordPress :slight_smile:

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