My website is not running

I took the free domain and my domain is not running… Check it Please let me know what problem is happened


your domain works
you probably deleted the htdocs folder or is empty
and then the server does not know what to serve as a home page

if you have deleted the htdocs folder
create new folder and name it with htdocs (chmod 755)

than put index.html (website) file in htdocs folder and you will see it work

all website files must go to htdocs folder
because it is a public folder (available online)

if your home page is called differently than index.php or index.html
then do this

i am not deleted the htdocs folder but still not working

OK then please copy this

<!DOCTYPE html>
<meta charset="utf-8">

and in htdocs folder create new file
name it index.html
and paste this code inside
then save

@rksharma said:
i am not deleted the htdocs folder but still not working

Does your site have legs to run?
Just do that @OxyDac had said above!

I’m not exactly sure what you see exactly when you say when your domain is “not running”, but as far as I can tell, you’re seeing either of these issues:

  • You are redirected to our 404 page. That is because your website’s code is redirecting people to , which does not exist. Note that our servers (just like virtually all other web hosting servers) uses Linux, which has case sensitive file systems. That means and can be different directories, and if the URL doesn’t have the proper capitalization, you get an error.
  • You get another error, which is because your domain name is new (it was created today) and hasn’t propagated yet. Read more about that here: