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This is a fresh installation of Wordpress.
It appears linked to a plugin I deposited into the directory ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ but never got a chance to activate it. (Plug-in name: Disable Right Click For WP)

When I realized my site was now inaccessible, I deleted the plugin. However, my site is still inaccessible. Double-checked the name servers and they are still pointing to infinity.

Your site is loading fine for me. What you’re experiencing is browser/DNS cache. Try clearing both, and if the issue persists try visiting your site over a different browser/VPN.


It’s also up for me…now. Don’t know what happened.


Still inaccessible although this time I just get a blank page.
I’m trying to install a ‘right-click disable’ plugin via the “Softaculous - WordPress Plugin / Theme Sets” page. I’m not even sure my attempt at installing the plugin is the root cause.

Your site is indeed inaccessible for me as well, so I’d guess the attempt might be the root cause.
Since installation via the Dashboard seems to be failing, try reversing what you did (deleting the plugin once more) and follow the advice in this article (this isn’t a large plugin, but installing the plugin manually might work):

If your site breaks again, try finding a different plugin that offers the same functionality, or alternatively, if you want to debug this, try activating WP_DEBUG and see if you get an error:

According to WPBeginner, the “white screen of death” can be caused if a script/plugin exceeds the memory limit:


The first thing I did was a rollback but the site is still showing blank. By the way, the reason I used the “Softaculous - WordPress Plugin / Theme Sets” was because manually installing the plug-in made my site inaccessible. Seems like this Wordpress version doesn’t play nice with plug-ins at all. In any event, I’ve tried everything I could. The app is broken. How do I uninstall Wordpress?

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I’d like to use something other than Wordpress to build my site. Should I remove Wordpress before using something else? Are there other tools I can use from the Control Panel or is Wordpress it?

WordPress itself is fine, just not when you pile it up with complex extensions.

But we do have the Softaculous installer, which offers a large number of other scripts too. And you can always bring your own.

If you are going to use something else, then you should really remove WordPress first. Softaculous will refuse to install anything else because there is already something installed at the URL. And if you install something yourself, you’ll end up with a big mess of files for which you can’t tell what’s old junk from WordPress and what’s actually useful.


Concrete CMS makes it easy to set up a site. You can install it via Softalicious

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