My website is getting really slow

My Website was getting really slow after the 2nd day of use.
Can someone help me?

My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is:

The website is loading in something like 30 seconds, which didn’t happen before the 2nd day.

I’m using this software:


For me the website URL throws an ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR. To fix that, you need to request an SSL certificate through the “SSL Certificates” options of the Client Area, complete a CNAME verification challenge and install the requested private key and certificate on your account.

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For me it took 15 seconds to load. Depending on your connection speed.

Also which i visited is

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For me it took 2/3 minutes to load on my second and third tries, also considering the www to non-www redirect, while the first try of visiting the website was faster (at least 7.5 seconds), even though my connection speed is good. It also depends on the server’s load and speed sometimes.

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Now nothing loads for me (503). Something weird happens with the server :confused:

I’ll try that, thanks

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The site does seem really slow on some requests. Did you install any new plugins or themes since the first day? A big or poorly coded plugin can easily cause very slow page loads.


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