My website is down and can't be reached can’t be reached

Its up now… Mine isnt though.

This is a known issue: FTP server down, many websites are unreachable

But next time, please:

  • Submit your topic to the appropriate category. If you have issues with the hosting, use the Support Forums for that.
  • If your website is unreachable, describe what you actually see.
  • Don’t create multiple topics about the same issue, in addition to posting in many other related topics as well. I personally read all messages, and I’m fairly certain others do so too. So repeating the same question over and over again only causes unnecessary repetition, doesn’t add anything to any discussion and can only derail any efforts to help you.

My site stopped working it comes up with unable to connect temporarily unavailable or too busy its been like this for a week now @Admin

Currently my site is reachable. but still I cannot download my files via FTP, the status I think is like blocking site, even if I can connect FTP server.

I’m closing this topic. Please don’t hijack other’s people topics, create your own instead (and be descriptive about the issue, i.e. not just “my website is down” without specifying which website you’re referring to or what you see on it).

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