My website is down (500 error)

My website is
Created with wordpress. It used to work fine, but all of a sudden, it’s down (500). To cut a long story short, after going to wp-config.php and doing the same old job, changing “false” to “true”, I see what you can see on the screenshot I provide here. I tried many ways, but nothing seems to get my site back, Can you please help me?

I believe you can fix it by doing this

Take note of this as well


Thanks for the reply. I’m trying to do what the article says and… let’s see what happens.

This nightmare doesn’t seem to end… I tried it all. I did exactly what the article suggests, using filezilla and overwrite the wp-adin and wp-includes, with the newest versions from wordpress. Nothing happens… all the info I could find, says that, if not even this works, I should contact my hosting provider… which is what I’m trying to do here. Please, anybody, help if you can.

Are you sure you overwrote the files? The files that are missing according to the error messages are still missing. And I see some WordPress related folders in the base folder.

Please make sure that you’re actually uploading the files to the folder of your site. For your site, that’s the htdocs folder. Please upload the WordPress files to that folder instead.


Yes, I overwrote the files. But I’m not a computer expert. Now, instead of the 500 error, my page shows up, showing… what I uploaded on my first post. The page is ‘‘up’’, but shows… nothing. Is there a way you can fix this for me? I can pay you, via paypal. For more information, you can always contact me, at REMOVED BY MOD
Now, if the problem can’t be solved, you leave ne with no other option, than to change hosting provider. I don’t wanna do that, I just want a funtctioning site.

So, you now remove parts of posts. Good for you. “Freedom of speach”, right? No prob guys. There are many other hosting providerers out there. Bye.


I just removed your email address as bots and spammers often scan forms for email addresses they can use to spam people with, I did it for your own protection. Administrations can look up your email address by checking your forum account, and moderators can view the original version of the post with your email address. (And just so you are aware, “Freedom of speech” does not apply in private practices, only in public government-controlled areas).

Everyone else can provide you assistance right here on the forum.

I just checked your website myself. Can you please screenshot the wp-includes directory in the file manager? Please make sure the file load.php is visible in the screenshot.


I find that hard to believe. Because if you look at a WordPress installation archive, there is a file called class-wpdb.php in the wp-includes folder:

But if I look at your website, that file is not there:

That should not be possible if you followed our instructions. If you downloaded a fresh copy of WordPress and uploaded all WordPress core files to your website directory, then all WordPress core files should be there.

And most files in your wp-includes folder are timestamped on the 28th of November, which means you didn’t overwrite them recently.

I don’t know what exactly you did do, but you didn’t overwrite the files as our documentation tells you to do.

The problem can be solved. All you need to do is restore the missing WordPress core files to the right location, which as far as I can tell, you haven’t done.

And it’s not like migrating your site to a different provider will magically bring back the missing files.


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