My website is doing strange things

Hi everyone.
It seems that there is a big problem with my website.
When I go to my subdomain :
I have already installed wordpress on it.
But some strange things do happen with te subdomain
Two things can happen:
A. I type in and it auto redirects me to the https version.
I already installed SSL (see attached) and it says error connection closed.
B. If I remove the s from https I get this screen (see attachment).
How can I fix this?

there is no attachment.

Your website is working fine on both HTTP and HTTPS. You might want to force HTTPS by default.


Thanks for your response.
I already have force https.
When I go to I go automatically to https. So I think that that is working. Please find attached the files.

Please clear your cache. Guide for reference:


Thanks for trying to help.
I just tried it and there was no difference.
Tried the same with brave but when I typed I got entirely different problem.

Just tried on a phone and it worked.
So it is a problem on my computer

Patience it will resolve on its own.


Ok. I hope that it will resolve on its own.

The page does not auto-redirect to HTTPS for me. On both HTTP and HTTPS, I see this:


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