My website is disappearing

Hello, yesterday I created a website through InfinityFree ( and I installed Wordpress with the default theme and yesterday I was seeing the page that we see when the website was just created and this morning it finally worked, I edited my page and regularly saved my page to preview it and a couple of previews later it disappeared and now it shows this

Have patience, some sites are down. This may be because of a faulty nameserver.

During the first 72 hours after adding the domain, you may experience trouble accessing it due to DNS caching. This is normal, and not something anyone can fix, but here are some workarounds:


I think it shouldn’t be the cause because it was working before showing this

It can go on and off for the first 72 hours. Please have patience


No, it shouldn’t be. But it is.

For the third and last time: this is normal during the first 72 hours. Please. Just. Have. Patience.

In any case, we can all see your website. If you can’t see it, it must be because of a problem on your end. I think it’s DNS cache, it might not be, but what’s definitely true is that we can’t do anything on the hosting side to fix this for you.


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