My website is cracked!

Hello, plz plz plz help me…! my website ifs fully cracked! I can’t see any posts from 5 - 6 months… so before 2 months ago someone tells me in this community that, I have an error in wp-includes, so I deleted the wp-includes folder, and added the new one… but therefore the error is still not resolved…
plz, help me to resolve this problem…!!! I want my website back…!

I’m sorry, but what exactly do you expect us to do?

We don’t keep backups of free hosting hosting accounts. Unless you have any backups yourself, any change you make to your website is final and permanent.

If you’re looking for ways on how to fix a cracked website, just say so and I’ll move your topic to the Website Development category. Because you getting your own website broken is not a hosting issue.


Yes! move, it…!


Please note that this is a community support forum. Everyone is free to decide whether they help you or not.

I personally do not feel inclined to fix your website for you. I have no idea what happened to your website and what the state of it is, and figuring it out would take me a lot of time. I’m trying to build a free hosting service here, I don’t have time to manage people’s websites for free too.


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