My website is CRACKED!

My website is crack plz plz help me…!!!
all my posts are deleted.!!!
My website says “there is been a critical error on your website”
plz help solve my this problem. and i want my website BACK!

II can confirm that no posts are on the website. It appears like there has been an error inside of wordpress. Try looking through the directory of your website to try locate the posts so you are able to post them again.

How i solve error in my wordpress!!!
nd can i get video about this… topic

what should i do…???

Few hours ago… i trying to solve the issue in file manager!!
but its says now! This page isn’t working " is currently unable to handle this request"


Plz help me…
what is the solution for this…???

Let yourself to not be stressed, shouldn’t you?

You’ve to enable display errors like @Ergastolator1 mentioned.
I assume you corrupted your WordPress site well.


what should actual i do??

From the same article I linked to before, but corrected:

To help fix this, you’ll first want to enable error messages on your website. You can enable PHP error messages from the control panel:

  1. Login to your control panel.
  2. Go to Alter PHP Config.
  3. Select the domain name you are trying to debug and click Alter PHP Directives.
  4. Set “Display Errors” to “On” and click the Alter PHP Directives button to save.

If you refresh the page, you should hopefully see an error message.

Okay!! I Done it…!
After this…??? plz visit to my website nd see whats its says??

Honestly… how did you alter the files?!

remove class-wp-hook.php in wp-includes folder and upload this one into wp-includes folder:

class-wp-hook.php (14.2 KB)

Means… i want to delete the class-wp-hook.php file nd upload to this new one…???


Okay! its done… now its showing another error! plz see that!

It seems like your WordPress installation is corrupted, since now there are also new files missing:


You have video on this…??

  1. Download fresh version of Wordpress and extract it to your OS.
  2. Remove wp-includes folder in your site.
  3. upload wp-includes folder from your pc to your site.

Why, Why did you need to alter the files?

Then what should i do…???