My Website has very few hits daily. say less than 10 but still its getting Deactivated

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Every day it is getting deactivated. Today it got Suspended in 4 hours. I recently bypassed it through cloudflare. please help

Please check client area for the reason


it says ram limit hit. but there are no visitors . Last time it got deactivated in 4 hours with no visitors. no clicks

Do you have some heavy applications on your site? If so, it is easy for you to get suspended for ram limit.


Please see this article:

Also, note that bots, and users with adblockers may not be logged by analytical software, so having “No clicks” does not mean nothing is actually visiting your site.

Also, depending on your code, few visitors can be enough to trigger a suspension if your code runs poorly and is not optimized.


I am pretty much sure no one visited. because it was the night time 11 pm to 3 am no visits in the morning who will visit in evening. I have no applications on it. it is a simple website. is there a way to check which resource is causing the hit

Sometimes “a simple site” you think could be heavy to free hosting.

I don’t think that there is some one click check ram tool so you might wanted to use google.

There is still a possibility that this is false suspensions. If this is the case, try creating a new account, upload your files, and see if the issue persists.


Please try to enable “I’m under attack” mode in Cloudflare for your domain. Or even set up an IP filter so only you can access the site. That should restrict undesired traffic to your website which may give you a better shot to investigate and fix whatever is causing the high RAM usage.


I tried that day before yesterday. with even zero site visits my account was suspended. is there some issue in backend

I don’t know. I don’t see anything to suggest that.

All I know is that we keep only the bare necessity in terms of data to measure RAM usage, so we have no way to tell what is generating the RAM usage, or have any way to prove that the metrics are correct.


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