My website has disapeared!

cannot reach my website

(please specify the website or account you are asking about)

(please share the FULL error message you see)

Other Information

I go to my url; and instead I get , Special offer and Discount Coupon

there is no sign f problem at my site where i transferred the domain from.

any insights, please advise.

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Check the Client Area for the reason of suspension.
Also, the servers are experiencing some downtime in the past 6 hours, maybe that is what it is.
Any way, be patient.


i see nothing in the client area, no messages or red flags or other notices. i was in the sight only minutes ago, but now it is not accessible, but i will wait.


All is good on my end.

Try clearing your cache or using a different network.


Same. Nothing on the client area. The site appears as active. And I was editing some text when it stoped working.Just saying as mod sent me to this post when I had the same problem.

@Earedel, a mod did not send you here, someone else linked this topic. Also, the domain you shared on your topic looks like your main domain, and that one will always redirect to the suspended page.

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Yes, i just saw your response. Thanks for taking care ot it. It was the subdomain what sent me to the 502 error page, . And from there to the suspended-website site. I just double checked it and it works again. Anyone in anywhere should have unplug something for a moment. Sorry for panicking and thanks again.

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