My Website Got Suspended

( my account got suspended. I didn’t know why. I’m using this for my capstone please help me to get back my website until my prof gives my grade. please

Your InfinityFree account *epiz_33644375 (Website for []( has been suspended .

please help me to get back my website please. i didn’t know what to do.


Please open the client area and follow the instructions there.


i tried to create a ticket but its always says “try again later”

“#### An error occurred while trying to create your ticket. Please try again later.” this is the error shows when I’m submitting ticket sir

i tried creating a ticket with my laptop and phone but it gave me the same error

I checked the logs on our end, and it appears that the ticket request is being rejected because your domain doesn’t pass validation. It shouldn’t be possible to create the domain in the first place actually.

Please try submitting the ticket again, but select a different domain from the dropdown. It doesn’t matter that much which domain you pick in the first place.


can i still open my site ( ?

After you submit a ticket and if your account is reactivated, you should be able to.


How long can it take to reactivate my account sir? Im so sorry for inconvenience.

It varies. It can be as little as 10 minutes if the ticket queue is empty and your request gets approved, but it can take longer.


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