My website got little famous

Does infinityfree help me if I get 100+ visitors daily?

How I fix this?

Read this


Hi Venvebubble,

From your Cloudflare graph, it’s more likely you have to review your visitors’ logs to check if crawler bots are indexing your site a bit too aggressively if it’s a bot and a good one at all. Some bots will aggressively pull your website and you’ll run out of resources very quickly. Having 50.98k requests with only 977 visitors does not add up the proportion unless your site is very heavy on loading many files per request.

Try to look for bulk access in your access logs (many lines from the same IP or prefix) and look up one of those on abuseIPDB, you might be able to get some insights there. If you have identified your case to be bot-related, ask how to block them in this thread.

If it turns out to be real visitors, you should look into integrating ads to your website for quick cash or to add some purchases on your website to gain revenue, then use that money to upgrade to premium hosting to make it a business.



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