My Website Goes Down

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Every day on 9 pm my website goes automatically redirecting to some ads and after aboyt 12 hours its commng back to normal stage…

my site is a e commerce site so i need your help quickly and

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Hi, has your website been created recently?


Hi. Welcome to the forum. Does the shopping cart system you are using have a cron job set up to run at 9pm every day? It seems odd that the problem always happens at the same time every day. Something must be causing this to happen. What shopping cart software are you using?

@solace-ken, cron jobs aren’t helping in this case.

@thofiloves, if you created your website recently, please note that it’ll take up to 72 hours for your website to work properly due to DNS propagation:

You might also need to clear your browser cache or your DNS cache if the ads page showing up is caused by browser or DNS cache remnants.


I just accessed your site at 21:09 and its working for me (england)


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