My Website Gives Error 500 and I Can’t Even Access My Files

Hello, My Website is giving error 500 and now I can’t even access the MONSTA file manager. Does anyone know why it is giving this error? Until yesterday the site was working and I could access my files

Read this


Now I can access my files, but Softaculous doesn’t work, it gives me an error, I think something is wrong with my server

our NS does not return the IP, but they should


since you are using Cloudflare, the situation is a bit more complicated

  1. you should put our NS (temporary) on your domain
  2. remove the domain from our system and add it again so that the server is forced to assign you an IP
    2b. The files will probably reappear or stay where they are (domain folder) - if not then re-upload
  3. On Cloudflare, set a valid IP under DNS data that will be assigned to you by this hosting

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