My website (free hosting) 400 unqiue visitors everyday

My website is on free hosting with and it is getting 400 to 700 unique and real visitors everyday. All the thanks to for the great hosting service provided to my website. I will buy paid hosting for all the features and security with ifastnet but surprisingly only 5 sales from my website in 2 years. Still I have very less money when I have 100s of expenses.


I don’t think any exception can be made for any user on free hosting of infinityfree.

I’m really not sure whats being asked here…

But in case:

We treat all accounts equally, and will not give people unfair benefits just because they ask for it.

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Maybe I’m wrong, but is anything being asked here? As far as I understand, the message is just to praise InfinityFree because the website is already handling 400-700 visitors per day without any problems?

In which case, thank you! I’m glad to hear our service is working well for you! And I’m happy to see that your site can handle so many visitors, which means it’s very efficient!


Yes, Admin I am highlighting the benefits of 400 to 700 unique visitors everyday on free hosting


:slight_smile: I am glad to hear your site is doing well

On free hosting my website is getting 400+ unique visitors everyday in year 2020.

What a great service provided by BIG THANKS to them.

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