My Website Down - Ezoic Origin Error

Username: epiz_30341863

Ezoic Origin Error

i integrated my website to ezoic ad network for monetization approval. Ezoic gives me there nameservers to add in my domain. after adding ezoic nameservers to my domain my website redirect to this url: Turn cookies on or off - Computer - Google Account Help
when i contact to ezoic support team they told me you have an origin error - please reach out to your host and ask them to whitelist Ezoic IPs. Ezoic gives me these ips for whitelist

Ezoic IP Addresses

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I think you may be blocked by this:

Unfortunately, I don’t thing that platform will work with InfinityFree.


Yes @Greenreader9. Anyway @bedfords.stones, don’t they have a dns validation option?

I’ve used Ezoic myself too, but not in combination with free hosting.

The nameserver thing is not just for validation. They actually proxy all web traffic through their servers, so they can do the bidding and ad selection process on their servers instead of the browser of the visitor.

The cookie redirect thing is 100% related to the browser validation system. I don’t know exactly why Ezoic’s proxy would trigger this redirect, but I can guarantee you it’s not an IP whitelisting thing.

This is not something we can just fix or turn off for you. So I think your options are to use a different ad provider or a different hosting provider.


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