My website doesn't update because of cache

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No, you wil not need to point your domain to cloudflare namservers if you are using the Alter Cloudflare from the control panel. Infinityfree will automatically add your domain into cloudflare for you, so what you just need to do is to wait an hours after you enabled cloudflare from control panel and then login into your account in cloudflare dashboard, use the email that you use on your infinityfree account (if you don’t know the password, just request a new one).

However if you use the Alter Cloudflare and not the ‘manually setup’ or not by changing the nameservers to cloudflare, then you cannot edit or manage the dns records of your website thru cloudflare.

Every domains or even subdomains had a unique different home directory.

Quick answer:
● By deleting the subdomain directly from Subdomains section, and by clicking the red Delete button.

But If you wish not to use it and is it because it will also remove the folder of the new domain then continue reading below.

So what you need to do is to find out which folder does the subdomain or addon domain used. You can find it out through the Addon domains section or Subdomains section, from there you can see a Home directory or Document Root bold text, then below it, you can see the directories. For example:

Addon domain

After, just simple navigate to Online file manager > > htdocs (for the subdomain, if you see two htdocs or an htdocs at the first directory or homepage, just still go to > htdocs) then remove those files inside the htdocs since you cannot remove the htdocs folder (if you can, then remove it). Then everything will be good!

Please try to comment below if you see a problem when following this guide, Me, other active users like me and Moderators will try to help you too. Also don’t forget to mark this as a solution when you had successfully follow and do the job!.


iFastNet is doing the sync in two steps which is done to prevent data loss but (apparently) can result into data loss at other places.

In any case, any changes you make now should be permanent.

But for others, if you do notice files getting lost, it may be good to not touch any files for 48 hours or so. Or if you do, make sure you have a local copy of your file, because a backfill from the old storage might overwrite the files on the new storage.


Good evening guys
CloudFlare Purge Cache is not working!
I changed the content of some js files in the file manager (actually i deleted all files and then i added them again with the changes)
Then i went to CloudFlare → Purge Everything
Waited more than 30 seconds
Went to my website, but changes weren’t applied
Deleted manually the cache, reloaded the website, and the changes were applied
Why is Cloudflare not working? I am sure i installed it correctly on my website

It’s working fine? Maybe try to clear your browser caches.

Actually i changed other pages (Not the home)

This is the point. I don’t want the users to clear manually browser caches in order to see the updated content.
I want Cloudlfare to do this job (and i had understood that this was on of CloudFlare functions)

You are using wordpress right?

Nope, completely hand made

There is a way to prevent or disable website caching by using or editing .htaccess, however, it may cause server failed or overload or may lead to suspension.

So there is no way to solve this problem with cloudlfare? Have i misunderstood it?

Cloudflare caching only reduces your server load and bandwidth.

More Information on what does Cloudflare Caching mean:

I think Cloudflare was still doing it when you checked. Usually, if someone asks you to wait for 30 secs, they mean 2 min. :laughing:

Cloudflare’s cache clear button clears the cache on Cloudflare’s edge network. It does not clear the cache in the browsers of your visitors. It’s not possible to force a browser to clear it’s cache from a website.

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