My website does not load. It says that my appache process came to limit

hello! My website does not load. It says that my appache process came to limit. I tried to upgrade PHP version from 7 to 7.4. After that I can not reload my website at all. Can you help please?

Hello, please start a new topic for this.


Thanks for your reply. I think I would like to upgrade. But I am not sure how to move my current website to a premium plan for 19.99$ annually? thanks in advance

Just contact iFastNet and they will help.
Follow this:


But would be possible to check out with some support center that host my site why my page does not load ?

iFastNet/Premium hosting has fast support and they also have a knowledgebase.


By the way, please make a new topic for this. This is not related to this topic.

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I split your posts to a separate topic. Please do not hijack someone else’s topic by asking completely unrelated questions about a completely different website.

I split this because it’s your first post. Next time, it will get flagged and deleted.

Yes, you’re looking at it right now. It’s this forum.

But to check to see why your website doesn’t load, please always share which website you are talking about.

And note that we cannot check why your website hits the process limit. That’s not recorded on free hosting, so nobody can tell you that.


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