My website doen't work!

Hi! I created a website today and created a subdomain in .
i have installed Wordpress in the Softaculous apps installer. but website is not available! see the website picture below… please help me

What is your website?

thank you for reply!
this is:

Hello your website is working fine for me also wait for 72 hours until your website works everywhere

Also kindly read the below articles



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you’re welcome

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now i can’t login into cpanel(from client area)!!!

Did you change your password?

NO! only clicked on lost pasword(after this error). an email sent to me and wrote the password. i entered that to login form but nothing changed

Try login from

NEVER, EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER CHANGE THE PASSWORD FROM THE RESET PASSWORD OPTION EVER AGAIN! Use the hosting account password change from the Client Area instead to do that!


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