My website displays HTTP Error 500

I checked my code and it was working just fine, but now it’s giving me 500 and doesn’t open the website

Please enable “Display Errors”:


I still have the same problem, my website is not working, and my code was working just fine

Please read the article above.


What is your website’s URL? Can you share more information?
Have you enabled Display Errors as suggested in the article?

Also please do not hijack other people’s topics or post in the Knowledge Base article for an issue, but rather make your own post.


We are currently upgrading all servers from PHP 7.4 to PHP 8.2. If your website’s code is not compatible with PHP 8.2, it may break. To fix it, you’ll need to update your website software to a version that supports PHP 8.2. And if you wrote the code yourself, you’ll have to update the code yourself too.


My website is

And my code is Laravel but it should work fine with php 8

Did you enable “Display Errors” and any debug settings your software may have?


Yes, and the website is stil giving me page not working

Do you have more information about this? It would help if we had an actual PHP error message to troubleshoot this.

Laravel overrides the server’s error handling. You may be able to find the actual error message in the error logs in the storage/logs folder of your Laravel installation, or enable debug mode to have the error messages shown in the browser: Configuration - Laravel 10.x - The PHP Framework For Web Artisans


this is what I get when trying to open the website

Did you do this?


yes I checked the logs in the storage but nothing there, the code in being load, also I have another website and it’s doing the same thing

I’m sorry, but I don’t know what else I can do for you right now. A HTTP ERROR 500 means your application code is crashing. Usually, either enabling display_errors, enabling debug mode within the application or checking the built-in error logs should say more, but it appears that none of these things are working for your site.

Unfortunately, this means we have just as little information as to why your site breaks as you do. And the only way to find what’s broken is by stepping through the code or by trial and error. I’m aware that that’s a time consuming and annoying way to have to find the issue, but it’s your website, so you are the best person to find any problem in the code.

If you can get an actual error message, we may be able to help you. And if you can find any problem on the server that is causing your site to behave like this, we could certainly take a look.


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